Monday, 2 March 2009

A thimble as a ring

Here is an another blue wave design. It looks as same as the others however, I made this one as a ring. I got an order for a ring the other day and the base did not turn out the right size. It was slightly bigger than I preferred, but I decided to make my own ring instead of wasting the base. The inner circumference is 63mm and it's rather big when compered to the ones I usually make which are 51mm. Although I used a paper for a core of the base as usual, I opted for cotton wadding over silk floss. Using silk floss wadding makes things easier when you want a plump thimble while I prefer flat cylinder for a ring.

The material used do not like being wet so I have to be very careful not to wash my hands without removing it. It's also virtually impossible to clean it since you cannot either wash it or dry clean it. I have kind of discouraged people against wearing this type of thimbles as rings so far, and this was the first time I wore one for myself for more than a few days and I liked how it looked on my finger and it caught quite a few people's (mostly women's) eyes. Well, I ought to wear it for a while longer and see how it fare before making some more.


  1. That looks pretty. I can see how it could get dirty easily. It would be hard to always remember to take it off before washing hands.

  2. That is stunning - any way I could get them to south africa