Monday, 20 July 2009

Second Bracelet

This is my second bracelet attempt. Although I finished this a few month ago, I haven't posted it here or put it on the shelf at Etsy with no particular reasons.

Since the ring is rather big (naturally because it's a bracelet) it took me quite long to finish it, not only because physically it was big, but also stitching became boring. Well, boring may be too strong a word. Perhaps monotonous?

I have at the moment three unfinished napkin ring sized rings which supposed to become pin cushions, all at "a little bit more and being finished" stage. When colours I chose didn't appear as I expected, or when the design was not I thought it would be, I just cannot bring my self to continue, it seems. I simply put it aside and started a new one but then next one didn't turn out the way I expected it and .... I WILL finish them all, this week, NO MATTER WHAT, just to prove that I could, to my self.

By the way I have commenced the summer sale at my Etsy shop. Since the listing period of the thimbles was expired there are two bracelets (including this one), napkin rings, and several pin cushions at the moment. I plan to add some more, especially thimbles to the listings, plus these pin cushions once they are finished :)


  1. The stitching may have become monotonous for you but it is a really pretty braclet.


  2. great!wonderfull!what a patience!!! I love it!!!congratulations and hugs

  3. Hi Chloe,
    Love your bracelets! Could you please
    direct me to where I can find some patterns?