Wednesday, 19 August 2009

metal thread 2

Here is another pin cushion-to-be with gold thread. The design is modified Blue Waves, 1:4 for fins.

1:4 for one part of gold and four part of stripy part, you see? One round in gold and four rounds in stripy part instead of alternating rounds. The problem with this design using metal thread is the metal thread being far smaller than silk thread. It makes segmentalizing quite...interesting. I intended to end the stripe part with gold however I had to add a single round in ivory silk. There is still gaps visible but adding another ivory would make the result different from what I intended and there would be no more space to add a gold there after another ivory. So this is it. I may try this design again sometime to see if I could learn from the experience.


  1. That again is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Another fantastic thimble! It is exciting with these experiments and I look forward to see next and next and next..... Your works are so well-made!
    Marita in Sweden

  3. Hi Chloe Patricia,
    Thanks for stopping by again! And thanks for your encouraging comments. This thimble looks excellent.