Saturday, 7 November 2009

long time no see ...

It has been about six weeks since I last updated my blog and I would like to thank you all who has still visited me although there was nothing new for awhile.

Here is my latest creation. I made this slightly bigger than my usual thimbles thinking to turn it to a pin cushion. I also neglected my Etsy shop, too, and hopefully soon I will restock it with new thimbles and pin cushions including this one.

Now, I promised you that I would explain about the thimble design and segments a long time ago. I haven't forgot it, I wrote a draft, then rewrite it, discarded it, then made a new draft, revised it, then discarded it again and repeated the same process a few times and have finally concluded that no matter what I say, it will not make any sense if my readers never made one for themselves. So I am now drafting "how to make a thimble for the first time" instead and will soon post it here.

In the meantime, I have a question for you. I use the word "segments" to describe the sections divided on the marking paper and wonder if it is a bit too big a word. I come up with "part" and "section" and I would appreciate it if you could suggest the appropriate word for me since English is not my first language.


  1. I think segments works. Also sections works too. Probably sections would work better as a more commonly used word. I checked my thesaurus and under "Section" segment is a suggested alternate word. And then when I checked under "segment" section is a suggested alternate word. So I guess either word would work.

  2. Segment is fine, and easily understandable. Section would also be fine.

    I'm really looking forward to reading your tutorial.

    Thank you for taking so much trouble to write it.

  3. I'd vote for 'sections' instead of 'segments'. Thank you so much for your tutorials. I followed them and made a bracelet for my three year old girl. She loves playing with it.

  4. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    Your new thimble is very pretty. The soft colors work very will for this design.

    I like the term sections slightly better than segments. Segments makes me think of line segments in math, where section makes me think more of areas. But as others noted, the words really are interchangeable in this case and your meaning is clear no matter which one you use.

  5. I think "segment" works well, Chloe. That's what I would say, I think, if I were writing it.

    I love these little rings!

  6. i found a description in net for this design, but no how-to-do, where to start, which thread is stitched which way and so on.

    can you please give me a clue?