Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pink in Bloom part III

This may not have been reported worldwide but on the day of one month anniversary after the earthquake and tsunami, Japan was hit by another big earthquake.  This time it was slightly smaller, magnitude 7.0, but still big enough.  I can only imagine, no, I cannot imagine how frightening it must have been for the people already suffered. 

In 869 A.D. on 13th July in Gregorian Calendar, the same area had been hit by the big earthquake, it's estimated as magnitude 8.3 (I have no idea how they estimate it, though) and the castle excavation site on the hill shows the watermark left by subsequent tsunami which tells how far the tsunami had reached inland and how high it had been, and the disaster and loss of people was recorded, too.  Although the death toll was one thousand in the record, the number just signifies the great number of people was lost and not a numerical accuracy I suppose.  This is said to be one of the biggest earthquake and tsunami in that area in the recorded history.  After over a millennium, we had a very similar disaster last month with 13,591 deaths and 14,497 still missing (as on 15th April, 2011).  Everyone knows what missing means at this late date, but we won't call it dead untill the body is recovered.  Would you please include us in your prayers?
The cherry blossoms will be gone soon.  It's spectacular when these little pink petals dance in the wind.  Please visit Beverly's How Sweet The Sound for more pink.   Wish you happy Pink Saturday.


  1. YOU and YOUR and YOUR ENTIRE COUNTRY are in our prayers. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about you. Please hold that thought in your heart and pass it on to others.

  2. Pretty pink flowers. Happy PS! Mine is up.

  3. Once again, we are gathering to enjoy that yummy is the most delicious color I know.... have a safe and pleasant week end...God Bless You...

  4. Lovely Pink Cherry Blossoms. You and everyone in Japan is always in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs Judy