Monday, 19 September 2011

La Chanson Japonaise ... ???

A Japanese music duo was featured in one of the morning TV show a few weeks ago I was told, that they are Japanese but sing in France and that they sang in a TV trailer of Festival Paris Cinema last year.  Must be very talented, I thought.  So, I went and looked for them on YouTube and found them.

Zoun-Doko Bushi by Les Romanesques on YouTube

I do not have a word to describe their performance.  Unusual?  Different?  Humoristique? Peculiar?  Whatever I (and you) think of them, their song sure sticks to you.

Tout va bien-ien-ien, tout les citoyens-yens-yens
Je me promène le dimanche matin
Les pigeons picorent des miettes de pain
Je mets mes pieds sur une crotte de chien

The melody itself is of a Japanese origin, but their lyrics are their own I think.

Then there is another song:

Mademoiselles by Les Romanesques on YouTube

Comment allez-vous, 
ma jolie petite fille, mademoiselle? 

They are quite something else.

The picture is nothing to do with today's post, but it's always nice to have some pictures so I thought I should include at least one.  This is one of the "on the process" pictures I took last summer when I made several thimbles in the same design but with silk thread in various colours and gold thread.
I believe I have shown this picture before and some of you might remember.

*** Shop Update ***

The listings of four Japanese print (cotton fabric) are going to expire very soon and as I announced it before I am not going to re-list them.  If you ear-marked them, please go and have a final look.  The listing of a set of 24 silk sewing thread has already expired.  I plan to revamp my shop (not know when I actually get around to do so, though), so it will remain unavailable at Etsy however, if you would like to purchase it I can list it as "specially reserved" for you.  Please drop me a line.


  1. Oh Chloe Patricia what a funny video! They are quite unusual, I also can't find the correct word to describe them. I am not too sure but I think the lyrics are something about stepping into dog poo. It is too funny and makes me think of a Japanese song that starts out with ガラガラヘビやつてくる (Garagarahebiyatsutekuru...)

  2. Thanks for sharing this hilarious video. I love it and watched a few times already. I love these thimbles too. Is this the wave pattern? If it's I might know how to make them! Hugs Nat

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