Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kelly Bag

What do you say? This is Kelly Bag from Hermes. You know, that Hermes, French big name saddle and bags maker. Well, it was made of paper, though. I have got this cutie from their official web page. If you would like one for yourself, you can jump from here. You are going to be directed to the official site of Hermes. If you want to buy the real deal or have loved one buy for you for Christmas, go to the on-line boutique. If you are happy with the paper version, then go to the World of Hermes. In the World of Hermes page, you can find a white Kelly bag there, you may need to scroll down a bit to get to it. In that white Kelly bag page, they are offering six Kelly bags in pdf file. You can choose even white one so that you can draw the picture of your own.

I printed on the ordinarily paper but if you use the glossy paper (you know, the one you print the photographs on) your bag should look much nicer.

Look, there is a safety pin at the bottom of the bag! Enjoy!


  1. They are sweet, and the only Kelly bag I shall ever be able to afford.
    I have printed off the black & white tree one for my sister, it is just big enough to put a tiny goft in!

  2. That looks wonderful Chloe. I will go to the webside after I posted this. My only treasure is my shawl i got at least 40 years ago when it wasn't as expensive as nowadays

  3. I learned something new here, because I have never heard of a Kelly bag. Sometimes I am just out of the loop on things. On the other hand never too old to learn. That is why blogging is so fun!