Friday, 5 December 2008

Red Harlequin

I call this design Harlequin because it reminds me of the costume Mother Goose's Harlequin wore in the book my mother bought for me when I was a little girl. Actually both the costumes of Harlequin and his girl friend, Columbine were illustrated as diamond patterned. The cover of Agatha Christie's "The Mysterious Mr. Quin" is also diamond patterned and Mr. Quin "seemed dressed in rainbow coloured" (or something like this, I cannot remember precisely). Although since I started to make this design, I tried a lot of colour combinations in order to find the most beautiful dress for my Mr Quin, so far not very successful.

This red and white diamond patterned thimble is my best seller. I sold six so far I believe. You can see how small my business is, six sale and it's the best seller :) but it's partly because my thimbles are usually one of a kind and I do not duplicate unless when I got special order or I found people really love one particular design in particular colours. And people love this one. Today I stuffed it with a tiny woollen cushion so that it makes a really small pincushion. It's too small and too light to use as a primary pincushion however, it's really handy for quick sewing job. I always use it when I do embroidery. You know, the embroidery cloth has to be as taught as a drum on the frame, you are not supposed to put anything on the cloth. Still it's light enough and small enough not to disturb the tention on the frame.


  1. That is lovely! So tiny it seems. Very delicate work.