Tuesday, 11 May 2010

a trinket box

I have realized that I haven't shown you a trinket box I made last year. Long time readers may remember the embroidery on the lid.

The circle box was made in exactly the same way I make my thimbles, just the bigger, and obviously it has a bottom. My pin cushion ring frames from the old days had a bottom so it was not new to me to stitch a ring with a bottom, however, the size itself gave me a headache once I started stitching. It's 9.5cm in diameter and 4.5cm in height when finished and the thread I used was my usual silk hand sewing size 9, so, it seemed to take forever to finish it.

It was my first trial to make this big a ring (can one still call it a ring even if it has a bottom?) and I should have added more. The triangles (or diamonds?) look in the same size don't they? I didn't want to distort the design by making the ring chubby. Too fat at the middle makes the centre triangles bigger than the top and bottom ones. However, I could have added another layer of cotton batting and still should have been able to avoid that effect, I think.

*** shop update ***

At the moment, my shop looks bare; there are only four items. The shop has been quite successful and I would like to thank you for your purchases and encouragements. However, I think I am now a bit winded. Filling the order takes most of my free time and I do not have much time left to do my own stitching, and more importantly, no time for "beginner's starter kit" I have so wanted to assemble. I have decided to take things slow, not that I close my shop. It's just restocking may take longer, is all. What I put on the shelves will be still ready to ship on the same day you placed an order, or on the following business day, nothing will be changed apart from the shop carrying smaller merchandise. By the way, I have a new product for you here. You will be directed to my shop page. Please have a look and tell me what you think about it.


  1. Lovely thimble pattern. I remember the embroidered camellia from last year. Is it on chiramen?

    I got a big cardboard tube a few weeks ago and decided to make a big thimble with a base inside so I can toss the keys etc in it. I never thought of a lid... what a good idea. I was thinking of Kyo temari or cotton perle 8 thread. I didn't start yet because I got distracted with a new temari project and I need to find some fabric I don't mind sacrificing to make the bias tape. Cutting at a 45 degree angle for such a big piece (to cover 26cm circ seems a bit wasteful but it has to be done. Also the thread I want to use might be a bit too fat to get through the fabric weave.

    I like the napkin ring set on etsy. Really nice colours. No wonder you are so busy.

    Rebecca from Perth

  2. WOW, I can only imagine the hours of work here. Beautiful.

  3. Wow, what a nice box! I admire your edge, how even it is, I'm struggling to make the edge nice.
    I can understand that you are busy, your kits are so nice, including the new napkin ring set and your service are incredible. I just bought some kits from you, so I know.

    I'm almost finished with one of the last kits I ordered from you, the big cushion set, ♥♥ I have been busy too.

  4. Hi Chloe, I posted my first thimble on my blog. I had fun with my first thimble. I'm sending a few of my followers to your shop.

  5. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    I can't wait to see your 'beginner's starter kit'. I'm saving up for it!