Thursday, 31 March 2011

Share Your Thimbles First Quater of 2011

Hello there, thank you for reading my previous two posts.  The situation in affected area has not improved much and we have new problems but since this is supposed to a craft blog post and I have decided to concentrate on it from now.

Have you visited Flickr recently?  There are many beautiful thimbles and pin cushions from simple scales to more complexed design and you should really visit and have a look.  Here is a link for you.  We had seven participants this month including a new member.

I am facing a difficulty uploading the photo so I cannot show you the result of the lucky draw so I just give you the winner here:  the sixth entry, beadturtle who shared her lovely woven thimble in brown with us.  Would beadturtle kindly contact me via e-mail for shipping address? 

Tomorrow I am going to start a new photo sharing.  Come back for the detail tomorrow.  It will be our very first Monthly Challenge.

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  1. wow! I am very happy to know that I have won a wonderful yubinuki this time. That is the first time in my life when I have won something :))) many, many thanks!