Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thusday mumbling

It has been a week since the disaster.  In addition to the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami, we are now facing a nuclear disaster, too.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the kind words and efforts to help Japan.  We really appreciate it.

I have been thinking.  About many things.  I am watching the disaster reports on TV, just as you do who live outside Japan, from the safe distance and I feel guilty.  The guilt over surviving, not suffering, not doing enough, not being able to do more.  We are heavily discouraged to send stuff to the suffering areas individually.  So all we can do is donating money and there is a limit a person can donate and it makes me depressed.  The city halls and relief agencies, as well as TV networks, are collecting monetary donation and scholarships for orphans are expanding, but these efforts are not enough. 

The support efforts from overseas are reported here and we all feel good, that we are not alone.  The morale support is also vital in case of disaster as well as monetary support.  The supporting messages/articles on the paper as well as individual prayer on the message board help us keep going.  And then, jokes and malicious comments appeared, too.  They hurt us tremendously however, we all believe in the freedom of speech in Japan, so I exercise my right and say that it shows the person's bad taste and insensitivities.  In Japan everything has its time and place.  Whatever the personal belief is, it's not time, or place, to express it now, so just shut up and later when everything resumed normal then start talking, is the general opinion I believe. 

I have been wondering what I can do.


  1. Hi Chloe. I believe that guilt is an early stage of grieving and it is understandable that the people of Japan are grieving considering the scale of this tragedy.

    What is far more difficult to understand is why some people derive some enjoyment from other peoples suffering. We just have to remind ourselves that they are missing something in the heart department and ignore their malicious comments.

    Like you, I feel that I can do so little to help, but if each of us does the little we can, it will grow into something much greater.

    My thoughts are with you.

  2. I am glad that you are safe! And your family as well. I still can't get over the magnitude of this tragedy. It boggles my mind how much damage there is. My prayers for everyone who is affected.


  3. As my English is not enough to express myself in a good way I subscribe coral-seas words.
    Take care!

  4. Guilt is indeed a stage in grieving. Give yourself time and space to grieve. It's massive what you are going through. Why the limit on donations? I don't understand that. I know that Japanese culture is very formal and structured, does it have something to do with that?

    We are all praying for you all in Japan. Those directly in harms' way and those further out having to watch fellow countrymen struggle and suffer. My heart breaks at the news coverage.

    I'm sure you will find your way in how to help with this tragedy. Give yourself some love and then you will be able to give love to others.

  5. i want to help, but i know that at least the halfth of the spend gets "lost at the management" (versickert in der Verwaltung). so i had the idea to send the money to YOU, and You could give it to the helpers.
    in a city near cologne some schoolkids had a pupil-change with children from fukushima before. now they invited the kids to come to germany for a while, so they would be safe and their parents had one sorrow less.
    in dusseldorf, where the biggest japanese "colony" in germany exists, buddhists and christians pray together in the buddhistic temple for the safety of the japanese people, and concerts are given.

  6. What you are feeling is natural and to be expected. The sheer scale of this disaster is almost too much to comprehend. To echo Neobear's post, it's mind boggling. You need to give yourself time to come to terms with what has happened and time to grieve. It's not easy I know, especially as there is still so much suffering and uncertainty. In time, what you need to do will come to you, when the shock has eased a little. In the meantime, love & hugs to you and everyone in Japan. Whenever you feel its getting too much, write a post to let us all know to send you our love, hugs and support. It looks bleak right now but Japan will get through this. You are a strong people and we are all here for you. xx

  7. Hello Chloe Patricia, here in the UK we've been watching events unfold with horror and wondering about friends and people we know. It's good to know that you and those you love are safe but it's sad to read of your distress - completely understandable though it is. I've noticed a lot of activity in blogging with people coming together to raffle things or just join together to show support and thought you might like to know about this event planned for tomorrow which has already raised over $15,000 for relief aid.
    With love and best wishes

  8. If we can all keep together in our thoughts and focus maybe we will all help in our own way. As each of us donate our time and efforts through organizations across the world our collective work will make a difference. It all begins w/ one person. We are all here to help.

  9. We humans can not understand how or why terrible things happen to some and not others. Please do not feel guilty that you can survive when others can not. Life is random and you can be grateful that you are alive and able to help others every day in many small and large ways.

    I am amazed how so many Japanese people are calmly and gracefully continuing going about daily life, as close to normal, where possible.

    I fail to understand what pleasure people take in making life more difficult for those already living through these awful events. I agree if people won't help they should be quiet and not cause more pain. I am sorry you experienced this.

    Your nation has my heart, my hopes and my prayers, I've given all the money I can share and I will continue to give anything I can spare. Our family and many in the Japanese community in Perth are working towards sending all that we can.

    I hope that the time will be soon when peace and joy can take the place of pain and heartache in the lives of Japanese people.

  10. We have been watching this disaster unfold and we pray that you and yours are well. The guilt of survival is the first phase, now it's time to pick up and push to help your friends and neighbors in this most difficult time. We cannot imagine what your people are going through and how they will survive but survive they will.