Sunday, 9 November 2008

How to use a Japanese thimble

I showed you a Japanese silk stitched thimble in my last post however, I didn't tell you how to use it.

A Japanese thimble, whether it is silk stitched or not, is basically a band instead of a cap, so you put it on your middle finger over the first knuckle on the hand you use to hold a needle like this picture.

The silk stitched thimbles are made of stiff paper for base, bias cotton fabric for lining, and floss silk for padding, and silk hand sewing threads for surface stitching. Here are another two I made recently:


  1. They are miniature works of art.
    Welcome to blogging - I hope it brings you much pleasure.

  2. Okay, after leaving a comment on your Pink Saturday post. I decided to check your other posts and voila, I see how to use your thimble. That is so cool. Love it! Again, welcome. Come visit me. I have two blogs. My regular one and my craft and sewing blog. Hope to see you there.

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  4. Beautiful and unusual pieces. What lovely gifts they would be for a quilter.

  5. Intriguing thimbles - they must take a while to make...and much patience.