Friday, 7 November 2008

My First Post

I have been wondering for a few days what would be my first post and came up with this thimble. It doesn't look like a thimble with which you are familiar, does it, because it's a Japanese Silk stitched thimble and I made it myself.
These silk thimbles had been used when sewing silk kimonos (kimono sewing are all done by hand, no quick machine stitching) however, people started to wear less and less kimono and there weren't many people who made silk thimbles which are very suitable for delicate fabrics until a few years ago. Until one clever lady whose grandmother had taught her how to make these lost arts published a book. Of course I bought the book and started make them by myself. I am not much of a dressmaker but I find it really useful when I do embroidery pushing the needle through back up to the front side of the fabric on the frame.
I am not sure how often I could update my blog, but I will try to add a new post once a week. So please come back next week.

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