Tuesday, 18 November 2008

It's too early for spring, but...

It's not too bad down here; usually the winter is relatively mild and virtually no snow. And it's still autumn, not winter yet. Last night I made this thimble and thought of spring, however.

Last Saturday I participated in Pink Saturday and a lot of people visited my blog and I received many kind comments, thank you. Several ladies mentioned my thimbles unusual in shape. Yes, they are unusual. Although they look more like rings than thimbles, these ring shaped thimbles have been norm for centuries in Japan. As a matter of fact the thimbles we are familiar with are new addition to Japanese sewing world, introduced probably a little more than hundred years ago I believe.

They are made of paper for base, cotton fabric(although I use cotton/poly instead) for lining, floss silk for padding, and silk sewing thread for surface stitches. Perhaps it may be difficult for you to obtain floss silk, but you can substitute it with cotton wadding. Actually I use cotton wadding when I received orders for rings although I do not encourage to use them as rings. You see, they are all made of the things which do not go well with being wet, means you can't wash your hands.

I am working on a drawstring bag now. If it turned up presentable, I will post it next time. See you then.


  1. I am glad you got lots of visits. That is always fun. I hope you are able to show off your drawstring bag.

  2. These are really pretty thimbles - look like a lot of work goes into them

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! ENJOY your day! Fifi