Monday, 9 February 2009

Header of the blog

Have you noticed the header? I meant to add a header to my blog and my Etsy shop but it didn't look straight forward because there is a size restriction and I just kept kind of intentionally forgetting to do so. After putting the thimbles on the Etsy shelf however, I decided it's time to face it. Although I had to keep trimming and trimming the photo until achieved the acceptable size (and I had to take the second picture arranging the thimbles differently because no one could have figured out what was on the first picture after trimmed to so small a size), the result looks rather fine, if I may say so myself.

Now, I have been trying to upload the picture of my newest thimble but for some unknown reasons I have been denied. The auto save function doesn't look working properly, either, and perhaps the problem may not be mine but Blogger's. I will try uploading it later.


  1. The new header looks great! I love it. I don't know why you are having problems uploading now. Sometimes I find I need to log off of what I am doing and reboot the computer. Then things work better after I do that. Hope you have some success next time you try.

  2. That is a beautiful header and now you can much better see what the thimble lookks like. Good job. I like it

  3. I like the new header alot. It is a great picture and shows the thimble rings off beautifully. You do such gorgeous work!