Sunday, 24 January 2010

Share Your Thimbles January 2010 -closed-

The second Flickr group photo sharing is closed on 21st of January and we have 6 participants and total 11 thimbles. I am pleased that we have more people than the previous time.

Although we have 11 thimbles there are only 9 entry comments left. As I stated before, in order to participate in the lucky draw you have to leave a comment; 1 entry by 1 comment for 1 photo. So I numbered 3rd comment by Debi as 1 because first two are non-entry, and SunshineCraft as 9, and the winner is number 3, Shidepro, for her first ever thimble. Kat in Texas, AKA SidhePro, please e-mail me from my profile page for your mailing address.

I am going to host another photo sharing in February and I look forward to seeing your thimbles next month.

This is just FYI, I am working on the post about the number of the stitches in one segment. Please be patient with me. Hopefully I may be able to publish it next weekend.


  1. Hello Chloe Patricia,

    I really like these Share Your Thimble projects. Thanks for doing them. Congratulations Kat for winning the drawing!

    I am looking forward to reading your post about the number of stitches.

  2. EEE!!! How cool! I've been checking nightly to see what else got posted and who won and it's ME! How neat!

    I can't wait, Chloe, I'll email you in a moment!

    Kat in Texas

  3. Wow, those thimbles are really amazing. I must try this. Welcome to My Thimble Collection site at Greetings from Poland!

  4. Hi Chloe Patricia!

    I received my pincushion today and OH MY GOODNESS it's gorgeous! I can't believe how fine (small) your work is. I see now I'm going to have to make my stitches even tinier at the rim of the thimbles. Just... wow!

    I may find myself begging for pattern translations in the future.

    Thank you again, I love it!

    Kat in Texas