Friday, 1 January 2010

Share Your Thimbles - January 2010

Some of you may be in the time zone where it's still 2009, but it's already 1st of January 2010 and I wish you and your family a very happy new year. Now, having said that, we can move to the more important part, that we are having another "share your thimbles" Flickr photo sharing this month, too.

The same rules as last month:

1. You have to make your own thimble(s) to upload.
2. The design is bi-coloured scales with two colours, no stripes or shading.
Mixed coloured or variegated thread is okay if you like the effect.
3. You can use any materials you like, thread wise or padding wise.
4. State the circumference of the mould, thread, padding in the description field.
5. You can make the ring in whatever size you like as long as you mention the size.
6. You can upload as many as you like.
7. The closing date is 21st of January 2010, Japan time.
Please note that it's 9 hours ahead of GMT in Japan.

Here is a link to Flickr group of "Share Your Thimbles".

As before I will draw one lucky person after closing the photo sharing pool on 21st of January and this time she/he will get this medium size pincushion I showed you the other day.

To enter the draw, you have to leave a comment on this particular post. One upload with one comment for one entry, so if you uploaded three photos and only left one comment, it counts one entry. Please mentioned your Flickr user name in the comment so that we can know which one is whose. To make things easier for me and clearer for everyone, please don't leave any non-entry comment on this particular post.

I look forward to your participation.
Happy stitching!


  1. Here we still are in 2009!:)
    7 minutes to midnight!

  2. oooo..
    if only i could show off a thimble..
    alas..i am always here to drool and dream..

    Cheers to a happy new year!

  3. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    I uploaded my first one of 2010! Hooray! My Flickr user name is Temari Debi.

    Happy stitching to you!

  4. Hi Chloe Patricia,
    many thanks for the nice tuts!
    I've added my thimble to the Group Pool. My Flickr nickname is the same as here - Beadturtle

  5. I've added mine too. My FIRST thimble. EEEK!

    I'm starting on another one right now, lined in black, but I'm not sure what colors I'm going to try next. That and I'm not sure if I want to delve into dissecting the patterns (I'm a Kumihimo nut too, so I'm used to breaking down the patterns myself).

    Glad I found your instructions though, they've answered several questions and your marking method is a SNAP!

    Kat in Texas

  6. Temari Debi just added another one to the Flickr group! I did this one with a variegated thread. The colors were really subtle on the finished thimble so you can't really tell.

    Happy stitching today!

  7. Just added another one!

    Variegated primary colors and yellow, with a blue lining.

    Made with Gutermann Bulky Nylon (look at the thread UNDER the thimble, that's what it looks like when reeled off the spool!).

    Approximately 60mm for the mold.

    I'm getting better, but I still can't seem to make my edges straight (a MAJOR source of frustration for me). My downstroke is better than my upstroke, so the bottom ends up with better stitch alignment.

    Does anyone have any pointers, or is it something that I'll settle into?

    Kat in Texas

  8. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    I just added another one to the Flickr group (Temari Debi). We're getting a nice sized collection there. It is nice to see all of the pictures in one place.


  9. Hi Chloe Patricia

    I just posted a bi-colored scales to the group

    palsu34-flickr user name

  10. Hi

    I just added another thimble to the group.

    flickr user name:palsu34

  11. Hi Chloe Patricia,
    I just posted one (flickr username suryaismail). I like seeing the variegated thread everyone is using.