Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Share Your Thimbles March 2010 - Part II -

The above pin cushion is the prize for this month's Share Your Thimbles. To enter the draw, once you uploaded your thimble photo(s), please leave a message at the Flickr, not here. I made a slight change this month and you can enter the draw only once while you can upload your photos as many as you like. The closing date is 21st of March, 2010, Japan time. Please note that we are 9 hours ahead of GMT in Japan. For those of you who live in the area on the Western coast of American continents, the closing date is almost 20th, instead of 21st in your time.

The design of the above ring can be made using forward stitches only. I changed the colour randomly but precise strips looks very smart. It's easy but you might need a few practice rings before you become happy with the result. The bi-coloured scales design has two starting points, and you change the thread alternately when you go. This design only has one starting point and no thread change unless you want to make strips. So your padding, whatever you use, may interfere while you make stitches, and you may feel difficult to maintain stitch consistency. Do I make sense? Any question and let me know, please.

I would like to thank you all who encouraged me when I first thought about making a kit and selling it at my shop, especially Debi who helped me to put the instruction booklet together, without her help, it wouldn't have been such a nice and helpful booklet. She agreed to edit it and not only corrected my wordings but also added invaluable tips.

Five people bought my thimble making kits so far and I am very happy that they are going to start making their own thimbles or any other rings using the thimble making technique. I won't say it's easy but it's not as difficult as it looks or as you think it would be. I have added another five kits on the shelf of my Etsy shop. If you are interested, please pop in and have a look.


  1. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    How many sections are in your thimble?

    Thanks, Pat

  2. Hei
    Jeg kjøpte et kit av deg, og nå er jeg ferdig med den. Det var kjempegøy, ikke vanskelig, men man må være nøyaktig, noe jeg kunne vært bedre på. Kunne godt ønsket meg et kit på en nål eske og jeg!
    Ha en fin dag.

  3. How awesome! I love that, thank you for sharing.