Monday, 1 March 2010

Share Your Thimbles - March 2010

Now, it's time for you to start making silk stitched thimbles as I am hosting another thimble sharing Flickr group. You can upload your photo from here.

Basic rules are the same as the previous months, but I have made a slight change:

1. You have to make your own thimbles to join the group. However you can use the finished ring base from the kit.

2. You can only use forward stitches. No back stitches or weaving.

3. You can make your rings in whatever size you choose, from a thimble to a bracelet.

4. You can use any material in any colours. Please state the size of the mould, padding, thread in the description.

5. You can upload as many as you like.

6. The closing date is 21st of March, 2010, Japan time. Please note that it's 9 hours ahead of GMT in Japan.

As before, we are going to have a happy draw after closing on 21st of March, and the lucky winner will get one of my small pin cushion. I am sorry but for some reason I cannot upload a photo of it. I will try later again.

In order to enter the draw, you must leave a message at the discussion section of the Flickr, not a comment here. Another change regarding lucky draw is you can now enter only once. So however many photos of your thimbles you uploaded, your entry to the draw counts as one.

These two photos are design suggestions, slightly varied from the bi-coloured scales design.

When you went to the half way point, change the colour for the rest of the section. I used two colours but you can use four and it makes it an interesting design.

You can figure out how to make this design by yourself so I won't go further, but actually it's more difficult than the one above because the neat initial stitches of the accent colours are not easy to make. It's challenging but I find this design very sophisticated.

There are so many designs you can make using only forward stitches and it's fun to make your own design or figure out how to make it. Of course you can always join us with a bi-coloured scales design. I look forward your participation.

P.S. I made three sales of thimble making trial kit, the ones I told you in my last post, so far. At the moment there is only one left on the shelf here and I will list a few more tomorrow morning. When you read this post and decided to purchase one for you but it was already sold out, please request an order using "request custom item" function at the right side column on my Etsy shop or leave a comment here so that I would know how many I should list them. Thank you. CP

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  1. hi.. i reach your blog . surfing in another one.. and i get surprised with this craft. Its the first time i see it and the work is really lovely.. have to investigate more about. because its beautiful!!!
    congratulations for your beautiful work