Sunday, 28 February 2010

Your First Silk Thimble Trial Kit

Tomorrow I am going to start another thimble photo sharing group for March and am wondering how many people will join it. The number of the participants for each month are all in one digit and I consider it a personal challenge to increase the number of thimble stitchers.

My first step was to host a thimble sharing Flickr group and I have to admit it has not been working very well, even with give-away lucky draw. So I took another step and have assembled a thimble making kit for the beginners. I have named it "Your First Silk Thimble Trial Kit" and it includes a pre-padded thimble base ring, silk thread in two colours, a needle, and an instruction booklet. The thimble base has two rows of stitches already done for bi-coloured scales design, all you have to do is thread the needle and carry on stitching. This kit will give you an idea what silk stitched thimble making is like.

You can purchase the kit from here.


  1. What a neat idea Chloe Patricia! I'd buy one just to hoard it, but I'll leave it for someone else who's hesitating to make their first thimble.

    C'mon folks! It's easy! Come join in the fun!

    Kat in Texas

  2. Yes I just ordered mine. Can't wait to try it out, also I might understand how to make the base when I see how it actually looks 'in the flesh'.