Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Share Your Thimbles February 2010 closed

This month there are five participants and 12 thimbles/rings. Our newest participant, Jane from Illinois said in her entry comment that she was wondering if she qualify because she used the kit I had sent to her. The kit in question is the one I am working with for my Etsy shop and consists of the finished thimble base with two rows of stitches started and enough thread to finish it off. Although the rules I posted when I started the Flickr pool this month did not say anything about the finished base from the kit, I should have thought of the possibility of it. Apart from the one I sent to Jane, there are commercial thimble making kits and all have a finished base in it. Since it was I who sent Jane a thimble base I have decided that her thimble qualify the give-away draw. I will change the rules so that next time everyone can enter the draw even if she uses the finished base from the kit.

Now, the draw. We have 12 entries (2 non-entry comments and 1 deleted one) and the lucky number is 9, Pat (palsu34) and her red and gray thimble. Congratulations, Pat, I will contact you by e-mail later.

As I said before I am working with a kit for the beginners to sell at my Etsy shop. At the moment Share Your Thimbles Flickr group has only 12 members and I know there are more people who reads my blog and (more importantly) who is interested in but has not made one yet. To encourage and help you take your first step I decided to sell the beginners kit. The kit consists of a finished thimble base, threads in two colours, and a needle. The first two rows of stitches are already started, so all you need to do is just thread your needle and carry on. I think I can list them at my shop, hopefully this weekend.


  1. Congrats Pat!

    You're going to LOVE your pincushion!

    Kat in Texas

  2. Hooray for Pat!

    Chloe Patricia, I know I say this every month, but thanks again for doing the photo group.