Thursday, 11 February 2010

7 days of specialness swap part II

Although Chinese New Year's Day has not come yet, it's considered spring according to old Japanese calendar. Occasionally it's got really cold (some of you living up north consider it still mild, though) generally the weather in February in Japan, at least where I live, is not so bad.

I have been a bit lazy and haven't updated my blog to show you what I got for my 7 days of specialness swap for a while.

Julie got me Cath Kidson's rose soap for me on Thursday. Although her fabric and bags etc are available in Japan, soap still is not. I have a tendency to hoard not only craft supplies but also anything smells good, like bath products such as scent sachets, shower gel, and of course soap. I prefer soap to shower gel but in recent years many bath products companies mainly sell shower gel and I have been wondering why for some times. Nothing wrong with a nice bar of soap, regardless it smells like soap or something nicer.

Friday's is a bunny egg cozy.

Very smart, isn't she? The problem is, I do not have an egg cup. So I used one of my sencha tea cups to substitute it. This is the smallest one and it works fine. When I opened the package, my mother was at present visiting with me and she fallen for the bunny and wanted to adopt her. Well, we will see.

Saturday's is one of my loves of my life, chocolate. In my considered opinion, no one can have too much chocolate.

On Sunday Julie got me another knit creation of hers, a cupcake pin cushion, pink frosting with a cherry on top!

On Monday, the last day of the swapping, I dredged to open the last package because, well, it was the last, but opened it anyway and found this very cute hedgehog, the one I coveted so much when I first looked at Julie's weblog but gave up because my knitting skill was not up to it.
I had so much fun and am really glad to have participated in the swap programme by Ali and I would like thank Julie so much to make this month so special for me. I will treasure everything you gave me, thank you, Julie.


  1. Such beautiful gifts from Julie! I knitted one of Julie's cupcakes for my partner too.

  2. Oh how CUTE! The hedgehog is absolutely adorable!