Monday, 1 February 2010

Share Your Thimbles - February 2010

I didn't have time to announce the start of another Share Your Thimbles this morning and I am sorry for the delay.

The same rules as previous months apply:

1. You have to make your own thimbles to participate.
2. The design must be a bi-coloured scales with two colours, no stripes or shadings.
3. Variegated thread is acceptable if you like the effect.
4. You can use any materials you like, thread wise and padding wise.
5. State the circumference of your mould and thread & padding you used in the description field.
6. You can make your rings in what ever size you like. Just state the size as mentioned above.
7. You can upload as many as you like.
8. The closing date is 21st of February 2010, Japan time. Please note that it's 9 hours ahead of GMT in Japan.

Here is a link to Flickr group: Share Your Thimbles

As before we are going have a happy draw and the winner will get the below small pin cushion.

In order to enter the draw, you MUST leave a comment on this particular post. One upload with one comment for one entry, so even if you uploaded three rings but only left one comment, then it counts as one valid entry. Please mention your Flickr user name in your comment so that we can admire your work knowing who made them. To make things easier for me and clearer for everyone, I would appreciate it if you avoid leaving non-entry comment on this particular post.

I look forward your participation.
Happy stitching!


  1. not a thimble maker..but i come to linger...and enjoy the beauty!

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  3. Oooh! I think I have the first entry this month!

    100mm Mold
    Black lined
    Violet and Red Perle #8
    Quilt Batting Lining

    I MIGHT entertain making a pincushion out of this one later. It's HUGE, but I needed a break from single-strand 40w Rayon on a teeny thimble. That one's next!

  4. Hi!

    I posted my first one for this month! (Flickr name TemariDebi) It was 14 sections this time so I could compare with stitches with the 8 sections I did before. LOTS of stitching on this one.

  5. Hi Chloe,
    In one of your posts you mentioned that in March,the share would be any forward stitched pattern. I was hoping we would continue to learn new patterns, I have been stitching thimble patterns from the hard cover book, but I have no idea what their names are.
    Would there be any way you could show us examples of patterns, and explain what makes them an example of that pattern.
    For example, what makes a scales pattern a scales(is it any forward stitched pattern or something else)

  6. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    I posted a new thimble to the Flickr group. It was 10 sections this time with variegated thread. (TemariDebi)

  7. New one, starting a bracelet tomorrow maybe.

    Taupe and Primary Variegated Sulky 40w Rayon
    Blue Liner
    10 Sections

  8. Hi Chloe Patricia,
    I posted a thimble to the Flickr group

  9. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    I have added one more for this month (TemariDebi). I love the collection we are getting there!

  10. New one.
    Orange Fire
    Orange and Fire Multi Sulky 40w Rayon
    Black Lined with Black Thread Wrapping

    I might have ONE more in me for the month. LOL

    Kat in Texas

  11. Hi Chloe Patricia,
    I've added one (flickr name suryaismail).

  12. Hi Chloe Patricia

    Just added a thimble to the Flickr group for February.

  13. Posted a new one!

    I was NOT a happy camper when I was working on this one and it really does show in my lack of control on the tension of my stitches.

    Fuschia liner, wrapped with thread
    Signature Pixelles 30w Trilobal Polyester in Multi Neon
    Sulky 40w Rayon in White

    Unfortunately, beyond my bad mood, the threads were too different in weight for me to compensate (normally I can manage it).

    That's it for me for this month. We'll see how I do next month!

    Kat in Texas

  14. One more for me (flickr name suryaismail).

  15. Hi Chloe Patricia,
    I'm not sure this qualifies for entering the give-away, but I finished one thimble from the kit you sent me. When I measured it from the outside, it is 7 cm in circumference, It is stitched with silk and padded with silk as well. It is by no means perfect. The stitching needs to be much closer together, but I really like how it turned out. Thank you again!