Saturday, 20 February 2010

Number of Sections and Design Placement on an Oval

What is the best angle to capture the oval shaped object in the photo? How hard I tried, it didn't look like an oval. I tried several, well more than several, but none worked. Yes, I am working on oval shaped rings now. Making ovals is not difficult compared to taking photo of them, I can tell you.

This is the mould I used to form a base ring. It was originally a lid of a toner bottle; I put the glass bottle in the recycling bin and kept the lid in a box labeled as miscellaneous, in hope that someday I would use it for oval shaped rings and understandably I forgot about it. Keeping something for something later can result in an overwhelming amount of somethings stashed in a closet and when you decided to sort out the mess in your closet you might "re-discover" something worth working with and so I re-discovered the oval lid along with the oval shaped plastic shampoo bottle the other day.

As I told you, shaping the ring in an oval is not difficult. When you remove the finished base ring from the mould, you may find it rather fragile but it's workable. The difficult part is (apart from photo taking) design placement. When you work with a circle ring, regardless of the size, you don't need to worry about where you start stitching where the design is concerned. I am happy about the placement of the design; the four petals flowers are exactly where I want them to be however, I may be able to improve the proportion of the flower, i.e. widen the flower a little bit. This ring has 14 sections and I am working one with 12 sections now to see which I like better. Are you wondering why I have skipped 13 sections? This design works on 13 sectioned ring, too, and most probably it might look the best. As a matter of fact, it's easier with 13 sections than 12 and 14, because you only need to work with two threads at a time rather than four. The thing is, what is the best way to place 13 flowers on an oval ring and this is what I mean when I say deign placement. I do not want to complicate it so the flowers have to be in even numbers. If 12 sectioned ring didn't work, I have a few options to fix it; wrap the paper on the mould to make it bigger, wrap an extra layer or two so that the core ring becomes thicker, or making the height of the ring taller or shorter, or give up on the design. Hopefully 12 would work fine. I hope, really.

When I published a post about number of sections and thread angles, SunshineCraft asked me by leaving a comment if I ever change the mould or anything to achieve the specific angles. I really do not like to change the mould, the paper thickness, number of the layers of paper, or the height of the rings, or anything to change the size of the rings so I don't usually, unless I receive a custom order. Most of the time, changing the number of sections will sort out the problems. The number of the sections, i.e. the size of a section, in accordance with the design is an interesting subject and since next month's photo sharing will allow you to try out any design with forward stitches, I am going to start writing a post about it. Happy stitching!

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  1. Hi Chloe Patricia,
    Many thanks for answering my question. A very interesting post, especially the part about possible fixed you might use.