Wednesday, 3 February 2010

7 days fo specialness

In last December Ali of Domesticali called for participants her 7 days of specialness in February. It is a swap programme, where two blogger exchange small 7 gifts and open the package one at a time everyday in February, the most gloomy month in north hemisphere. I have been paired with Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits and here look at what I got from her:

I forgot to take pictures before opening yesterday's package so you can see one package is already opened.
Can you see the packages are all labeled to which day to open? Julie told me it really wouldn't matter what day I opened which package, but I followed the instruction and got myself lovely variegated embroidery floss. So gorgeous.
Look at this cutie I got for today. I named her Selina and she is currently hanging from the door knob looking at me while I am composing this post. As a matter of fact Julie is offering some of free patterns and you can knit this tiny bunny yourself but my Selina is special and she wears a dress and her free pattern does not include a dress. Please check out her blog and you can find a link to her free patterns page on the sidebar. She is really talented and self her knitted cuties and patterns on Etsy. When I first paired up with her, I checked out her blog and shops to see what to get her and found a little hedgehog pattern and seriously wondered whether to buy or not. Finally decided that my knitting skill was not up to the challenge, but he is really really cute.
I have still got five packages to go and I cannot wait till tomorrow morning!!!


  1. The wee critters are CUTE! I wish I could knit, but sadly, after attempting on and off for 20 years, I haven't figured it out.

  2. You're going to have another parcel arriving this month as well! I posted your package yesterday, so keep an eye out for a USPS Priority Mail box in a week or so.

  3. Hello Chloe Patricia. I have arrived at your blog from Little Cotton Rabbits. I think your pin cushions are so beautiful.