Saturday, 13 March 2010

Cherry Blossoms

There is a wonderful group programme called Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly where the participants publish a blog post dedicated in pink on every Saturday. It has been a while since I last participated in but when I made this ring as a frame of a small pincushion I decided that it was time to join the group again.

As you can see, this design is an another variation of bi-coloured scales. The first section is shading pink and the second section is dark blue and white stripes. I suppose the darkest pink turned out a tad too strong. I am going to make another one and I will increase the pale pink part and reduce the darker two, perhaps it might work better with paler yet pink.


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  2. This one looks lovely just how it is. When you make this type do you mark your paper with more divisions? Are the pink colour sections divided again into 3 to guide you where to change?

    Sorry I took out the last comment it had two spelling errors in it. Also I forgot to sign it.
    Rebecca from Perth

  3. How pretty Chloe Patricia!

    Kat in Texas

  4. Very nice - Happy late Pink Saturday!