Monday, 26 April 2010

Flowers Up-date III

It has been a bit chilly recently. Unusual, since it's normal that the temperature goes up to around 20 degrees C while it has been around 15 degrees. However, as a result we are able to enjoy the flowers longer, can't complain.

Most of the flowers are already gone but there are still a few buds left.

*** shop update ***

The medium size pin cushion making material sets are now available in these colours. The finished size is about 42-45cm (a little smaller than 2 inches) and takes about 3-4 hours to finish. They are (naturally) bigger than small pin cushion and they are made with bigger silk threads, too, so they are especially good if you found small pin cushion was too small to work upon. You can jump from here for a quick peek ...


  1. Love the beautiful Peonies and the pincushions so much that I rushed over to take two off your hands. What are the silk threads used on these ones?

  2. These thimble/pincushions are just beautiful!
    Best wishes from Berit in Norway