Monday, 5 April 2010

Share Your Thimble April 2010 part II

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend with your family.

Following to the previous post, here is a pin cushion I made for a prize of the lucky draw. It is one of my small pin cushions and it's about 23mm in diameter.

There is already one thimble uploaded here and I hope there will be more participants this month.

One of the ladies who bought a thimble making kit asked me if I was going to sell a pin cushion kit. I have been very behind of everything and finally I made a model for the kit.

The above is a finished pin cushion and the below is what you are going to start stitching with; a finished base ring with two rows of stitches already done. Instead of two threads, this time you work with four threads.

Anyone interested in?


  1. Yes very much interested! I finished your thimble kit in 1 day shortly after I received it. I need another fix, please.

  2. Chloe Patricia, I too am very interested! I ordered one of your kits and am well on my way to making rings....but I love the idea of a pincushion as to make the ring more "practical" One of these days I will need to figure out how to share my thimble rings

  3. I might be interested too, Chloe Patricia, how much will they be?

  4. I'm very definitely interested in learning how to make these, they are superb.

  5. I would be interested in purchasing a kit for your pincushion.