Thursday, 1 April 2010

Share Your Thimbles April 2010

Now, it's the first day of April and here is another photo sharing for you.

The rules are the same:

1. They have to be your own thimbles. No borrowing the thimbles/photos from somewhere. I don't think anyone do such things, but just so it's clear for everyone.

2. You can use the ring base from the kit if you choose to do so.

3. Your thimbles have to be made using only forward stitches at this time. No back stitches or weaving.

4. You can make your rings in any size you would like, from a thimble to a bracelet or something bigger.

5. You can use any materials in any colours.

6. You have to state the size of the mould on which you form your ring base, the padding, and threads you use in the description field of your photo(s). If you chose to use a ring base from the kit I sell, the size is 50mm and the materials used are floss silk padding and Fujix size 9 silk thread.

7. You can upload as many as you like.

8. The closing date is 21st of April, 2010, Japan time. Please note that it's 9 hours ahead of GMT(Greenwich Median Time) in Japan.

9. You can upload your photo(s) from here.

As before, we are going to have a lucky draw. I am afraid that the prize is not ready yet, but it will be one of the small size pin cushion I made. I will be able to post the photo of the pin cushion within a few days, hopefully. If you would like to enter the draw, please leave a message at the discussion board, which you can find below the photos in the group page, and you can jump from here. Although you can upload as many photos as you like, you can only enter the draw once.

Here is how to upload your thimble photo:

Firstly you have make your account at Flickr and upload your photos. Then, visit the group page (here) and become a member. Then go back to your photostream page and open the photo you wish to share with us. Click the "send to group" button and then choose "Share Your Thimbles" from drop downs. You won't receive a "successfully done" message but it's done. Come back to the group pate to make sure your thimble photo is there, just in case.

My thimble for the month is another variation from bi-coloured scales design. I used only two colours to make stripes and so it is a sort of subdued. However, if you use multiple colours, perhaps in shadings or contrasting colours, the result will become very different. Of course we appreciate the simple beauty of bi-coloured scales, too. I look forward your participation this month.

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  1. Hi Chloe Patricia,

    I really like the purple stripes. Jane and I got the ball rolling on the Share Your Thimble group. I'm looking forward to seeing what others create this month.