Wednesday, 30 June 2010

the winner of June's lucky draw is ...

There were three participants with nine thimbles/pin cushion in June's Share Your Thimbles Flickr photo sharing. I have to say I am kind of disappointed with fewer people joined this month, but you all must have been very busy with other crafts as well as your daily obligation.

Although there are three people participated, only two of them entered the draw, Rebbecca of temari addict and Debi of temari debi. This is the reason I postponed to announce the winner so far. As you may remember, Rebbecca won the last month's draw. Since I started the monthly photo sharing I have been worried that someday same person won the prize, or everyone have won previously but one participant, because there have not been many participants. I just didn't expect to face it so soon. It's fair to draw the winner regardless of past winning record. Still I think it is also fair to award the person who never won before.

I thought it through and decided that I would just have to flip a coin because the rule is the rule and the winner of June's is Rebbecca of temari addict in Perth. I should have shown the picture of how she won, but for some unknown reason (again) I cannot upload a photo. I can swear that the coin flipping was done quite fairly. Rebbecca, I will post your watermelon thimbles tomorrow. Debi, I am sorry but will you please continue participating the photo sharing.

The next month's photo sharing will start tomorrow. I would like to expect more participants next month. Wish you happy stitching!

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  1. Lucky me! Again! I just got these thimbles in the mail, they are even more beautiful in person than in the photograph. Thankyou Chloe Patricia.