Saturday, 31 July 2010

Share Your Thimbles July 2010 and the lucky winner is ...

This month we had seven participants who shared their thimbles with us and that is a great improvement compared to the last month however, we had two new people, too.  Just great, isn't it?
Before announcing the winner of the lucky draw, I would like to tell you about how I draw the winner firstly.  You have been seeing the strange combined ladder like pictures for months and might have wonder what it was.  It's called "amidakuji" in Japanese and it's a quite popular way to draw when the participants are small enough.  Although I assigned the number from left to right, if the participants are present they can choose who get where, and you can draw for the multiple prizes at one time.

The number was assigned on the top and the prize was set at the bottom.  (we had six people who entered the draw although the total participants of the photo sharing was seven)

Then added the horizontal lines and each person followed the line descending, although sometimes it may involve uphills. 

and the winner of July is number 1, Pat of palsu34 who shared two of her lovely thimbles with us.  Thank you all who participated in the photo sharing this month, and you, too, who visited the Flickr to admire their works.  I am hosting another photo sharing from tomorrow.  I would love to see more people joining us there. 

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