Saturday, 13 November 2010

flower basket -- update IV + another pin cushion

The basket itself is finally finished, and so are branches of plum flowers.  So it leaves me no option but to work on chrysanthemums and peonies leaves.  I am not very happy with these leaves as they are now, to be honest, and that's why I have not been very keen on working on them so far.  I can choose to redo them, of course, but I really don't want to.  My instructor told me that they were not bad, that I have just finished the "ground work" so what I needed to do  was to "beautify" them.  I am not really sure about it, though.  He, however, told me that I had better redo one of the daffodil leaves, the longest one on the top, and I quite agree.
Here is another pin cushion, in the (almost) same design but in different colours and size.  Thank you, Lady of the Lock and Laura B. for your kind words on my previously listed pin cushion in pink.  This one still glitters a lot but it doesn't bother me as much as the previous one does, possibly because I just don't like the combination of that particular shade of pink and gold, is all. 

I brought it to the embroidery class to show it off, and the instructor suggested that I might want to insert a little bit of emerald green in the gold and dark green stripes part, so that it would bring the purple brighter.  His suggestion in colours is always reliable so I am making exactly the same one right now but with a row of emerald green, so that I could compare the effect the brighter green is supposed to provide.


  1. Well, I think that the flower basket is stunning and the pin is in one of my favourite colour combinations, so I love that! I will be interested to see how it looks with the emerald green in it.

  2. Such beautiful embroidery. I am finishing off a thimble bead today. Next I must make a 'share your thimbles' project. You have inspired me again.
    Rebecca from Perth

  3. Simply stunning embroidery work. Love the basket.