Tuesday, 9 November 2010

on-line advertisement

The web service which offers something free, either blog or social network, or anything, got advertisements.  Do you pay attention to them?

I generally do not.  However, the two advertisements caught my eyes the other day.

One was on-line printing service offering free business cards printing.  I have always wanted nice business cards for my shop so I decided to investigate it.  It turned out that "free" is for the basic grade paper and I still had to pay for the processing fee.  I was not sure if you could still call it free, but I was intrigued enough to look further, and found out that with a small fee I could custom order the cards and look what I got;

The other was for photo books which offered limited time discount.  Naturally, I had a lot of photographs which I should have already dealt with.  So here are my first photo books:

(There are two because the second one was for my companion)

(We had a dim sum making class at the hotel kitchen during our stay)

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  1. Looks good Chloe Paritcia. I got 3 2011 wall calendars printed cheaply recently using one of those ads. I filled the pages with pictures of all the grandkids for my mother. I will give it at Christmas.