Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Study in Green


I have just finished a new thimble tonight.  

Skill Level:  Advanced
Required techniques:  Forward stitch, back stitch, and weaving
Number of stitching paths:  Two
Design period:  Four sections
Design repeat:  Two sections
Number of rounds of stitches:  Single
Number of colours used: Three

It’s weaving all over and quite challenging.  I like the design but I don’t think I chose the best colours for it.  

Speaking of the weaving stitches, I have been working on a new (to me) design.  It is called “Asanoha” in Japanese, meaning Linen Leaves.  I found the photo of the finished thimble on the web and was quite intrigued.  It seems that the design is on one of the temari books but my local libraries do not have it.  I might ask either of them to borrow it from the Diet Library which has all the books published in Japan, though I cannot check it out and take it to home.  I was able to finished the body design by myself but am still working on the best way to apply the accent stitches.  Here is a on the process photo of it.  It’ a modified hexagons and it requires a 36-section marking paper and it was not just practical to divide a strip of paper of 5.8mm into 36 sections so I simplified it to 12 sections and just had to make do with it.  

It was not very easy to figure out how to stitch the colour blocks but I am satisfied with this one.  It’s not too bad for the first trial, if I may say so myself.  However, I have no idea what to do with the accent stitches (white thread in the photo). 

The design period of the colour block part is 6 (out of 36 sections) while the widest part of the accent stitches is 18 and it also has to run vertically and horizontally, too.  I am not quite sure if I could figure it out anytime soon...