Monday, 23 November 2020


I have just finished a pin cushion and I would like to share a few photos with you.  In my previous post I said it had not fun at all to stitch all in a single colour.  This ring has two stitching paths and as you can see in two colours.  

The above photo is a ring with three rows of stitches.  Can you see the tiny triangles are forming?

It is clearer now with seven rows of stitches are done and pink and crimson triangles are there.

It’s almost there:  another two rows of stitches and it will be done.

I find stitching thimbles, or any other ring shaped rings, very therapeutic but all in a single colour is so monotonous that it discourage me to keep going.  I like the way the trinket tray in the previous post looks but I don’t think I want to make another one anytime soon.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Gold and Silver Trinket Tray


This is my newest creation; a trinket tray using the same technique of the thimble making.  This is a variation of the design of the thimble I posted before, but it appears quite differently because of the colors and the way I arranged them.

The design of the the previous thimble, “Blue Wave”, is actually the same as “Scales”, meaning fish, snakes, and dragons scales in Japanese, but changing the colours so that it appears as stripes.  This one has four stitching paths and I chose the darkest grey I have for all four so that it appears solid grey besides the last three rounds of stitches, for which I chose gold and silver threads with contrasting coloured silk threads.  

As you can see it appears like “Scales” or “Blue Wave” but in a single colour.

Here, all you can see is the diamonds in gold and silver.  The reason why it took me so long to finish this one is stitching four path in the same colour was no fun at all.  Using the different colours for each stitching paths gives you the satisfaction to see how much you progressed and/or anticipation how it will be once finished.  But not this one.  What I did was just filling the space with stitches.  When I finally thread the needle with the silver thread, then the gold, I cannot say how much fun I had, especially it changed the hue of grey when I added the silk threads along with the metal threads, then it changed once again with the last stitches in silver and gold.  It was amazing and I regretted that I did not take step by step photos to share with you.

I am considering reopening my shop at Etsy but am not sure because of the shipping options I can offer.  Japan Post does not give me much choice with so less air traffic due to Covid-19.  If you are interested in purchasing “Your First Silk Thimble Trial Kit” (and/or this trinket tray and previous thimbles for earrings, or any other thimbles/pin cushions posted before for that matter), please let me know by email.  You can find my email address in the profile section.  Please let me know which country you live so that I can check with the postal service to see what options we have.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Thimbles on Earrings


I have been working on the new project as I mentioned in the previous post however, it has not progressed as I hoped.  It’s a trinket tray and I should have finished it by now.  The reason why it has taken me so long is the design I chose for it.  I will tell you what it is and why in the next post when I finish it.   

It takes me two to four hours to finish one thimble and naturally I have ended up with so many in my stash.  In recent years I do not do embroidery and I really do not need thimbles in the practical way.  So here is my new way to use stock up thimbles; thimbles on earrings.

One of the above thimbles is the one I made in the past and I am not quite sure but I think I posted it here once.  I made another one to match but not identical on purpose.  I put them on the hoop earrings and here I am a proud owner of the new lovely  earrings.

Friday, 6 November 2020

My first silk thimble after so long a leave

I am back on line after so long a leave and here is my latest thimble.  The design is called “Seikaiha” or “Seigaiha” in Japanese and its direct translation is “Blue Wave”.

I did not intend to make this design as my first thimble but a simple bi-coloured Scales however, I mistakenly used a nine-section marking paper and here I am with this one.

It took me a little over two hours and it was not too bad for the design.  I have started a new one which is not a thimble and when it’s finished I will share it with you here.  In the mean time here is an another photo of the same thimble, this time on my finger.