Monday, 11 January 2021

First Thimble of the Year


Here is my first thimble of the year.

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Required technique(s):  Forward stitch and back stitch

Number of stitching path(s):  Four then later two

Design period:  Four sections

Design repeat:  Four sections

Number of round(s):  Single

Number of colour(s) used: Five

My original design choice was Nine-patch Diamonds in red and white as these colours represent celebration in Japan however, I have too many of them in my stash and I wanted something different. It turned out all right but the black lining is just too strong a contrast for the pastel hues I chose for the design. I almost always choose black for lining because matching the lining colour to the threads colours is not very easy especially as I use readymade bias binding tape.  

When I had selected four threads from my stash I thought they would work but no, they did not. Putting the thread cards (silk hand sewing thread comes on a card, and not on a bobbin) side by side does not always guarantee that you made a right colour choice.  You have to stitch them to make sure these are what you want.  Unfortunately the light beige I chose does not work well with the light lavender.  They are too similar hue when stitched next to each other and that is why I had to stitch the additional round in white. But all in all it turned all right I suppose.