Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Another Pincushions

I like purple and green and have decided that I will keep these two for my own use. As a matter of fact, the pincushions in my last post were prototypes. Although I love the rainbow one, it is not fat enough and I love the colour of the diamond designed one, its segments are two narrow to form a nice diamond pattern. I also have one that is too fat at the middle and another one that I would rather not comment on here. These are all prototypes, I like the sound of it, prototypes, it sounds like something I experimented on whereas in fact they all just turned out as they were :)

At the moment I have four prototypes and three finished ones plus the one shown below:

When finished this one, I will post the picture here, although I am afraid this one might turn out to be another prototype because it's a bit too fat, too. At the moment this one is 2mm larger in diameter than the purple and green one. I am trying to adjust the size by manipulate the tension of the threads but it might not work. The reason why I have great difficulties in regulating the finished size is cotton wadding I use. I use three layers of cotton wadding instead of floss silk. I wonder if I should switch back to floss silk.

This weekend I will put the (good) pincushions on the shelf of my Etsy shop so please come visit. I am also contemplating to open a new shop at Art Fire, which is another on line hand made venue, however, I am (again) having a problem uploading pictures. I was told that my PC is having a difficulty to recognize Java something and they suggested to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. I tried Firefox but still got a problem.... The grand opening at Art Fire is no where in sight in near future.

I do not forget that I promised to show you how I make stitches on the thimbles. Please be patient with me :)

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  1. I always just love seeing your creations. Have a great day!