Saturday, 18 April 2009

New Items - Napkin Rings

Behold! I have just finished the last of four napkin rings. They are the biggest rings I have ever made. It took me more than seven hours to finish one. Although they are all beautiful (if I may say so myself), I don't think I am going to make such a big item any time soon.

These napkin rings are prototypes as you see here they are all different in design because I experimented on. However, since I used the same colours they are all quite in tune. I would have made another two rings in different design but in the same colours however, the threads I used are no longer available.
I post these rings on Etsy as a set of four, please visit my shop and have a closer look. I still have a problem with Blogger when uploading pictures while Etsy is rather kind to me and I could upload bigger pixels there.


  1. Those napkin rings are gorgeous! You did an awesome job on them!!

  2. Wow, I really don't know what to say, except they are gorgeous and you sure can tell they took a long time to create. You did a fantastic job with them. I hope you are going to keep them for yourself, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  3. Outstanding! I love these.
    Barb Suess

  4. Beautiful,Ilove the color,maybe I'll try to make napkin rings I love making projects or handcrafts.
    Cloe Patricia I used the 397 grams condensed milk can (standart for Venezuela) but 400 grams can is ok too

  5. Hi Cloe,
    I have been in contact with Barb Suess
    She said you were the best site for thimble
    patterns. I was hoping I could get some napkin
    ring patterns from you! It seems impossible to find any that aren't written in Japanese.