Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Rainbow Pincushion

I am currently making bigger pincushions using the same method I employ to make thimbles and this is what I have always wanted to make; rainbow scales. Well, actually I used only six colours so it's not precisely a rainbow, but we won't go there to point it out, will we? I have been making thimbles for almost a year and half but never made six coloured scales because the thimbles I usually make are too small to accommodate so many colours.

I have made four so far and am thinking to list them at my Etsy shop however I am hesitating to price them. I am quite happy to have an opportunity to sell my creations but I hate that I have to price them to do so. I am confident that my creations are worth the price tag I put on most of the time but sometimes I wonder if I am being presumptuous.

More importantly my thimbles do not have practical uses for most of the people and I start to wonder, again, if I didn't price them correctly for frivolous things, especially when I haven't made enough sales and I haven't recently and been wondering how to price these pincushions "correctly". I really hate this.

I intended to show you how to make stitches so that you could make your own since you know how to make a solid base, however, I encountered grave difficulties when trying to upload photos. I suppose Blogger does not like the size of the photos I tried to upload although it should allow me to upload maximum 8MB while mine is far too smaller. I do not know how to minimize the pixels of the jpeg images so I will have to take another photos. The problem (another problem) is that my camera does not allow me to take smaller pictures. I bought a new one last December because the battery of the old one was not able to keep charged and I do not get along with the new one very well so far. Once I reconciled with my camera, I promise I will do another "how I do".


  1. Im off to look at your shop :)

  2. Your work is so unique....I would love to see an image of the thimble being used on etsy...

    And I do feel the pincushions are a great idea!

  3. That is a beauiul pincushion. MY compliments. I know nothing about prices of beautiful thingies. I only think that on line you can't get so much money as when you sell it in a shop.

  4. The pincushions are so pretty! I love how they look. I have no idea how to price your things. I am kind of out of the loop on that kind of thing.

  5. Your pin cushions are amazing! I think you should set the price by how long it takes you to make it. Keep track and charge $15 to $20 US per hour. You are an expert - an artist!

    You can use a photo editing program on your computer to change the size of the image. I usually crop my images using Photoshop and then make them a good size for the web - no more than 800 pixels wide. That will fill a screen so is quite large.