Wednesday 27 May 2009

Initial Stitch - this is how I do

It has brought to my attention that the post about stitching thimbles needs some additional information; how to tidy up the initial stitch.

Anyone who has tried this kind of thimble making knows how difficult to make a neat initial stitch. If yours did not turn out to your satisfaction, here is a tip to modify it:

As you see above picture, there is a small bump at the base of the stitch. By pulling the tail of the thread (not shown here) you can reduce it a bit however, it may not work very well. When you need that particular colour in a single row, that bump will show.

Firstly, gently ease the stitch using the tip of the needle until it becomes a loop like the picture above. When pulling the the stitch to make a loop, make sure the thread on the needle is feeding it. Then pull the loop even bigger by picking the thread coming from the edge of the base.

The focus is not very good but the bump in this picture is now smaller than before.

Next, pull the thread on the needle very gently so that the loop becomes a stitch once again. You see, it's much nicer now.

Here I finished off the round and there isn't any bump or lump or anything, really neat if I may so myself :)

Or, you can start without an initial stitch, as I discribed in the previous post, and finished the row with the stitch which should have been the first stitch.

Please let me know if you need further explanation/assistance for your thimble. I am happy to help.

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